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Whatever you find in your regular grocery store you will find a healthier version on our shelves. We have healthy snacks, flours, canned goods, meats, desserts and frozen heat and eat dishes. Most of our groceries are organic and gluten free. Our meats are mostly organic, grass fed, free range with no added hormones and no antibiotics. Some of our brands are:

Bob's Red Mill     Amy's      Simply Organic     Enjoy Life     Woodstock     Blackwing Meats


We have a selection of teas from black, green and herbal. We can help you find the tea that will help provide you with a healthier you. Some of our brands are:

Traditional Medicinals     Choice     Yogi


Let us help you with that thirst. We have water, organic juices as well as healthier versions of soft drinks. We keep a variety in the cooler to take care of that thirst when you walk in the store. Some of our brands are:

Zevia     Lakewood     R. W. Knudson     Virgils

Body Care

 We carry a wide variety of natural, organic personal care and hygiene  products, as well as, essential oils. Some of our products include  shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste, and deodorant. Some of our brands are:

Aura Cacia     Dr. Bronner     Jason's     Natracare

Cleaning Supplies

We have a selection of cleaning supplies to keep your house and vehicle clean without the harsh chemicals that can easily make you or your loved ones sick. Some of our brands are:

Naturally It's Clean     Seventh Generation    Biokleen